Setting Up Business

Online Venues and Promotions

It looks like the best way to get seen and then to get known is to have your products displayed and talked about in as many places as possible and to rank well with the search engines. Next we’ll talk about getting them clicked on and various ways to increase traffic to your pages. These ways include paid promotions but there are many more free ways to attract attention to your products and it’s going to take some studying to find them all. Here are a few I’ve found so far.

  • My Craftsy
    • create a profile page with lots of keywords
    • upload projects with keywords
    • comment on, save or “favorite” other’s projects
    • follow other crafts-people
    • take classes and join class discussions
    • sell original patterns for free!
  • My Etsy
    • Create a profile
    • Buy and Give Feedback
    • Add people to your Circle
    • Create Treasuries
    • Join Teams
    • Participate in Forums
  • My Web Site
    • the most important thing here is SEO Search Engine Optimization
    • Add a Blog
    • Make it Social with Facebook, Twitter etc
  • My Ravelry
    • Put up projects, yarns and patterns
    • Favorites
    • Groups
    • Participate in the forums
    • Become a Designer and sell patterns
  • Other Social Sites
  • More Places to Sell

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