Angora Rabbit

Angora is the hair of the Angora rabbit. It’s main distinguishing feature is its fluffy surface texture and its ultra soft touch but did you know that it is also one of the warmest natural fibers? It is said to be 7 times warmer, even, than wool and has been known to be prescribed by doctors in Europe for pain relief. It is so comfortable and a valuable insulator! The angora fibers, with their halo,  trap warm air against the body and increase the blood flow to the part of the body wrapped in the angora.

The fiber is harvested by combing the rabbit when the bunny molts and the fiber is shed naturally.

The angora rabbit is thought to have originated in Ankara, Turkey, although the hard facts remain unclear. What is certain is that Europe has raised angora rabbits for their fiber for centuries. The French get the credit for making their wool popular around 1790, although North America wouldn’t see angoras until 1920.

Care of Angora Fiber Yarn:

Aran Baby Sweater handknit with handspun angora rabbit yarn

Angora is best hand washed in lukewarm to cold water with a gentle wool wash such as “Soak”. Gently squeeze out excess moisture, roll in a towel to release more moisture and lay flat to dry away from direct heat or sun.  In order to ensure the surface remains fluffy a teasel brush can be carefully used to fluff up the fabric after washing although a natural “halo” will develop with normal wear and washing.


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