Mohair from angora goat


Soft and Silky, Luxurious hand. Rich Luster and Durability.

Mohair from angora goatMohair is a silk-like yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is notable for its high luster and sheen, durability and the lovely halo that is produced with a gentle brushing. Mohair is also warm as it has great insulating properties.
Mohair is shorn from the animal twice per year, Spring and Fall producing 5-8 kg of wool per year. There is no undercoat as there is in the cashmere goat. The fleece is cleaned to remove natural grease and vegetable matter and usually combed before spinning.
Thought to have originated in the mountains of Tibet, the angora goats showed up in Turkey somewhere in the 16th century although other countries, such as England, have been producing Mohair fabric as early as the 8th Century. The goats were not introduced to the United States until 1849. Today the majority of mohair is produced in South Africa with the United States as the second largest producer.

Care: Your Mohair garment should be hand washed in lukewarm water with a gentle wool wash such as “Soak”. Gently squeeze out excess moisture, roll in a towel to release more moisture and lay flat to dry away from direct heat and sun.


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