• Aine McAteer

    Hi, I’m looking for yarn for a sweater – the pattern calls for 10 balls of Valley Yarns Berkshire (85% wool, 15% alpaca, 100 grams, 141 yards) and size 10 (6 mm needles) – I’m wondering if you have an alpaca/wool mix that’s really soft that would work? Thanks, Aine

  • Debra Samuels

    Hello I am knitting the Atherton Boys Hoodie Top down pattern. I am having trouble at the joining of the sweater to form the placard. The first 7 stitches of each row are garter stitch once the hood is completed. The pattern calls for joining the piece after 4 inches doing the raglan on the RS:
    Work next RS row as instructed above to the last 7, p7, join to work in the round p7 to marker…..Note Purling rather than knitting the last 7 its of the final row minimizes the jog in the center.. Then the pattern says to do the garter stitch on those 14 sets My problem is that once I purled those 14 sts, on the initial joining row the stitches become stockinette. I know I am reading something incorrectly. I have taken to purling those 14 stitches to get the garter effect, but it isn’t quite right. Can you please advise. Thank you. Debra Samuels dgsamuels@gmail.com

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