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The Camel grows 2 different kinds of fiber. One is the very strong and course guard hair but underneath this is the downy undercoat. This is the fiber that we use to spin our exotic Handspun Camel Yarns.

The camel’s pure undercoat is very soft, gathered when camels molt in the warmer seasons. A camel can produce around 5 pounds of hair a year which can be collected by a number of methods including combing and manual collection during the moulting season in late spring.

After Collection the fiber must be sorted and de-haired then washed to remove any dander, dirt or vegetable mater from the fibres.

Camel’s down is a fibre that supplies warmth without added weight. The hair contains thermostatic properties which can protect and insulate the camel from the extreme cold conditions as well as keeping them cool in the desert. The same properties and characteristics are transferred when making fabrics knit from camel fiber.

Care: Your camel garment or yarn should be hand washed in lukewarm to cold water with a gentle wool wash such as “Soak”. Gently squeeze out excess moisture, roll in a towel to release more moisture and lay flat to dry away from direct heat and sun.



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