Organic cotton is grown, in subtropical countries. It is non genetically modified and without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals. This is especially important in the context of knowing that cotton (organic or otherwise) comprise about half of our world’s fiber requirements, covers about 2.5% of the world’s arable land, and utilizes 15-25% of the world’s insecticides!
Unfortunately, conventional cotton is one of the most chemically-dependent crops. Organic cotton on the other hand, uses agricultural methods designed to help sustain the land it grows on, the people who grow and harvest it, the end user and the planet in general.
The earliest evidence of using cotton is from India and the date assigned to this fabric is 3000 B.C.
The large-scale cotton cultivation in Northern America began in the 16th century with the arrival of colonists and the most significant rise in production was a result of the invention of the saw-tooth cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793.
Our Organic cotton comes in several natural colours.
Cotton is easily laundered and following the label is recommended. As always, a gently wool wash is best.
In general cotton is machine washable on gentle and can be partially dried in the dryer on a low setting. It can withstand high temperatures and wrinkles easily but may be gently pressed.


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