The fiber these marvelous and very beautiful animals provide for us has several unique characteristics. Alpaca fiber is warm and soft making it very comfortable to wear while the superior draping qualities help make a unique fashion statement.

Yarn spun from the Alpaca fiber is durable and light as well as soft and silky. It is even warmer than wool, repels water and when it does get wet, like wool, it is still thermal. Unlike wool, however, it is not prickly and is thus hypo allergic.
Originating in South America where they have been treasured for thousands of years Alpacas are now also commonly bred in countries such as USA, Australia and New Zealand.


Herd of Alpaca

Care: Your Alpaca garment should be hand washed in lukewarm to cold water with a gentle wool wash such as “Soak”. Gently squeeze out excess moisture, roll in a towel to release more moisture and lay flat to dry away from direct heat and sun.

As always, all of our Alpaca products are of the highest available quality.[clear]



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