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    Learning to Paint – New Blog

    I’m taking the plunge. I want to learn to paint! Spinning, Knitting, Weaving and Dyeing… even Sewing, Quilting and all kinds of designing are the things I just do, like falling off a log, I can do them in my sleep (almost). Been doing them all my life. But Painting!    Now that is something I have never done before – ever – and let me tell you, it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. But I am going to do it and I’m keeping track of every step of the journey in this blog Art Apprentice Blog. I am more than slightly overwhelmed and intimidated by it all.  When I…

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    It’s Winter

    Winter Weather It’s often cold in Southern Ontario, Canada in winter and it does snow here but this winter has been a winter to remember. We’ve had lots of days with record breaking low temperature and snowfalls, an ice storm with power outages to tell the grandchildren about and enough snow days to keep the kids really happy. Even though we spent our life savings on propane just to stay warm, and I didn’t really enjoy having my gall bladder removed, I really have enjoyed this winter overall. It’s so pretty to look outside at all that snow.  We’ve been feeding the birds and they’re just such a joy to…

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    Loss and a Fresh start

    Well, I have almost everything moved over to the new host and I love the new site… Hope you like it too 🙂 It turns out that I hit a bump in the road much bigger than an unresponsive host. I lost my precious mother on November 15 2012. She was my anchor, my entire cheerleading squad, my teacher, my mentor. She was an Artist, the person I admired above all others and she was my best friend and now she is my guardian angel. Oh how I wish I could see her one more time, touch her sweet face, somehow try to give her back a fraction of what…

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    Back to Work

    I’m refreshed after a week at Logos Land Resort. We had a very nice Condo and played at the water slide, water trampoline, paddle boats and just swimming off the dock. I took socks for my knitting and got most of one sock finished knitting in the evenings. So It’s back to working on getting this business online and smokin’.