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Plans for a New Web Site

My sincere apologies to you if you have been trying to access the blog or web site lately without any luck. I’ve been having some major difficulties with my hosting provider Network Solutions.

For months now, since I’ve been developing this site, I’ve noticed that the response from the server was often very slow. Pages on the web site were slow to load and sometimes I got an error with no page load at all. I kept working on the development, thinking that I should call the Network Solutions Customer Service and someone would work it out with me.  Well, I didn’t quite get the response I expected. I called several times and ended up on hold so long I eventually got called away and had to hang up so I tried the contact form on the support page. This was the most frustrating response of all. They sent me back a “canned” email telling me about how I can sign up for the paid support and all of the other deals they have for me because I am a VIP Gold member. I was furious!  So much for my VIP status, right? Finally I decided to email them. They have provided me with a special email address because of my gold member status. I explained the situation in full by email and waited, and waited, and waited for a response. Over the next week I got many emails from Network Solutions. They was selling me premium domains and upgrades to my support, private registrations and hosting upgrades. They even sent me one with all of the benefits of being a Gold VIP member but NO REPLY to my email for help. Finally I got an answer with a very weak and partial excuse as to why the server was not serving my pages at an acceptable speed. No fixes, no ideas for resolving the issue no promised from them to get things straight.

Therefore. I am changing my hosting and registrar for all of my domains. This is no small undertaking but I refuse to give any more of my hard earned money to a company that treats me this way.

There will probably be some interruption in service. The web site may be down a bit in the next few weeks but I’m doing a whole new site with a completely new look and it may take some time to build the site and get all of the domains and hosting resolved at the new hosting company.

In the end we will have a brand new site with a whole new look and it should run really fast and well.

I'd love to hear your comments