handknit handspun lace merino wool blanket
Setting Up Business

Selling Handmade Stuff, working out some answers

Ok, I just may be a little too “wide” in my product selection. Right now I am planning to offer hand knit articles of clothing and accessories for all ages, socks, blankets, shawls etc. (wide range, right?) PLUS hand spun yarn of any luxury natural fiber and size and my original design knitting patterns for anything I dream up.

handknit handspun angora rabbit circular baby blanket

So, I will probably have to narrow my focus quite a bit. Do I do that now or do I try to put up a selection bit of everything and see how it goes?

There really will be several things to consider but mainly it will be what sells and what I love to do.

So, here are some of the strategies I have decided to try

  • Social marketing, simply by having pages on and linking to some of the popular Social sites
  • Watching what sells and what I enjoy the most and work on narrowing my focus
  • get my work into the hands of some people who will really appreciate their value and help me to spread the word.
  • Participate more on the Social Sites creating circles and jumping in on the forums
  • Promotions? what and more importantly when (I want to have the handspun yarns and some patterns ready)
  • put videos on YouTube
  • maybe more handmade sites similar to Etsy?


I'd love to hear your comments