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    Loss and a Fresh start

    Well, I have almost everything moved over to the new host and I love the new site… Hope you like it too 🙂 It turns out that I hit a bump in the road much bigger than an unresponsive host. I lost my precious mother on November 15 2012. She was my anchor, my entire cheerleading squad, my teacher, my mentor. She was an Artist, the person I admired above all others and she was my best friend and now she is my guardian angel. Oh how I wish I could see her one more time, touch her sweet face, somehow try to give her back a fraction of what…

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    Back to Work

    I’m refreshed after a week at Logos Land Resort. We had a very nice Condo and played at the water slide, water trampoline, paddle boats and just swimming off the dock. I took socks for my knitting and got most of one sock finished knitting in the evenings. So It’s back to working on getting this business online and smokin’.