Heirloom Lace

I know that I’ve told you of my passion for all knitting but hand knit lace is what I love most of all. Some of the things that make knitted lace so special for me.

Lace is so beautiful. Hand-knit Lace is characterized by an arrangement of holes in the knitting that create a visually pleasing pattern. Many of the lace patterns date back to the beginning of knitting and studying them and their history has been another passion of mine.
Handknit lace has such a rich history with some of the oldest know lace patterns originating in the Shetland Isles in Scotland, Orenburg in Russia and from Estonia and Norway each with their own fascinating characteristics.
Lace is often (usually) knit with very fine yarns. These yarns will require superior skills and experience to spin by hand as well as to knit them into the fine heirloom lace.
This very fine yarn and the open holes allow for less fiber to be consumed in making the garment. This allows the use of some very warm fibres that would otherwise be too hot to wear.
The use of fine yarns also makes economical sense in that the final garment has consumed much less of the expensive exotic fiber.
Hand knitting lace engages the knitter. One must stay focused on their knitting and be able to concentrate on the pattern to hand knit a beautiful piece of lace. It takes patience, experience and expertise to knit a fine piece of lace.

The authentic traditional patterns are my favorites of the lace knitting patterns. Most of the following lace handknits are classic, traditional heirloom pieces. Considering my significant investment in each item it gives me great pleasure to know that they will be enjoyed for generations as heirlooms and always be at the height of fashion because of their quality, attention to detail and classic styling.

As always, we use only the finest quality, softest, environmentally friendly, natural fibres and yarns in our hand-knit lace. Each is knit expertly with special care and attention to the smallest detail.

Wrap yourself in luxury …. Give a gift that will be cherished for years, or even generations…… Celebrate a birth with an heirloom like no other

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