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Our Most Special Item: The Mother’s Love Shawl

I’d like to share a very special family tradition with you. it is the Mother’s Love Shawl.

The Story
It all began with the announcement of the conception of our very first grandchild. I started to spin a fine yarn in the finest of fibers. a beautiful naturally coloured cashmere. It had to be the perfect design so I got out the old vintage books for inspiration and found something to base the design upon.

The plan, in my mind, was to knit a shawl for my daughter to put around her shoulders on those cold evening when she had to get up and nurse the new little baby. I pictured her rocking , back and forth, and remembered myself rocking her.

I hand-knit the lace blanket and ended up finishing it in the car on our way to the baby shower.

It was a huge success. Everyone loved it so much, especially when it was passed around because the feel of the lovely lacy hand-spun cashmere was over-the-top, something most of us had never experienced before. The shawl was the hit of that party.

The intent was made clear as to the purpose of the shawl and what it was meant to be used for but, as mothers will do… this young mother (my own daughter) could not keep such a treasure to herself and she began to wrap up her own little baby in the shawl. Her second child grew up as attached to that blanket as Linus and she literally loved it to pieces.

Not long after the baby shower the requests began to come in for a Mother’s Love Shawl just like the original for their own daughters to share with their own little babies and the “Mother’s Love” Shawl was named and became a family tradition.

My own Mother hosted the baby shower. She is the one who wrapped me in her finest handknits when I was tiny and the one who taught me how to knit.

A mother loves a child who loves a child who loves a child.

More coming as soon as I can get them knit and photographed. meanwhile email to request a custom order.

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