Cashmere & Silk Smoke Ring


Handknit from Handspun yarn. Cashmere and Silk Smoke Ring.

Cashmere fiber in a blend with Tussah Silk was spun by hand into a fine lace weight 2 ply yarn.  This handspun yarn was then handknit into an intricate lace smoke ring designed by Jackie E-S Design.. This ring can be worn as a combined hood and scarf or just wear it around your neck as a cowl. It is very lightweight but oh, so, warm and cosy.

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Grey / brown Cashmere and Tussah Silk. This is a wonderful blend of fibers, one of my favorites. The silk adds a contrast in texture bringing a shine to the matte appearance of the cashmere as well as adding needed strength to the yarn and finished garment. They both have exceptional ability to keep you warm.

This smoke ring / cowl is made completely by hand by an experienced fiber artist from the best natural luxury and exotic fibers available in the world. It would make a perfect gift for someone very special.

Our Cashmere and Silk Blend Handspun Yarn

This smoke ring is knit by hand from a very fine and delicate lace weight yarn that I spun especially for this project.
The cashmere used in this cowl grew as the downy undercoat of a cashmere goat that lives in Mongolia where the very finest quality cashmere in the world is grown. It was blended with silk for luxury, warmth and durability…. more about the Cashmere & Silk Handspun


As with everything I knit this original design is lovingly and expertly hand knitted in the traditional fashion with great attention to detail. The lines are Simple, Classic and Timeless.[space]


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