Handspun Handknit Old Shale Lace Baby Blanket


Merino wool and Silk fibers were blended and spun by hand then handknit into this timeless classic “Old Shale” lace pattern blanket.
This is one of my favorite lace patterns and I love this fiber blend. It’s perfect for baby blankets and lots of other things too.

SIZE: This blanket is 32 inches by 37 inches

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This shawl or blanket would make a wonderful and luxurious baby gift or woman’s shawl for the new mom or any woman. It is of Heirloom quality to be treasured for generations.

This shawl is one of my “Mother’s Love” shawls. It began when I knit them for my daughters when they had little grandchildren for me. The shawls were meant to keep my daughters warm in the night when they had to get up to nurse their babies. Inevitably the shawl would end up wrapped around the baby and staying a favorite into toddlerhood, a “Linus” blankie. It’s all about Mothers wanting to wrap their children in luxury, warmth and love.

The Handspun Yarn

This blend of Merino Wool and Silk makes a fabulous yarn with lots of texture both visually and to the touch. It has lovely spring and softness from the wool while the silk adds it own unique characteristic such as shine, luxury and strength to the yarn. You don’t have to worry about this blanket being itchy because of the wool. The Merino Wool and silk blend is soft enough to wear next to new baby skin.

More about Merino Wool

More about Silk

The Hand Knitting

As with everything I knit this original design is lovingly and expertly hand knitted in the traditional fashion with great attention to detail. The lines are Simple, Classic and Timeless.

A very special heirloom gift for any Woman, Mother or baby. You will like it even better when you get it into your own hands.



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