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Finishing Jacob The Sweater my Guys Like

A few months ago I shared the pattern for the Hat my guys like and now here is the sweater that falls into that same category. With lots of input from DH, the eventual wearer of this pullover, I designed another sweater to match the one I knit him almost 30 years ago. Not only did the original sweater last for 30 years, but hardly a day went by that it was not called into service (except those hot summer days, of course) and it’s still all in one piece even if it is showing a little wear now.

As you can imagine, I’ve knit him a few sweaters over the years and some he wears a little and some he wears a lot. This is the one he hardly ever takes off! When the boys come in and see his newest sweater they want one too. I’m going to have lots of opportunity to knit this one in several sizes and variations and will keep you posted.

Here is the story of  spinning the yarn for Jacob from a Jacob fleece and another short post with a few more pictures. Pattern coming asap. I will have to knit it at least one more time as I want to show the body with a simple rib instead of the colour variegation.


  • Kerstin

    Wow Nancy…this is awesome! I was really looking forward to seeing the finished sweater when you posted about it earlier. Maybe now he’ll let you have a couple of sheep or alpacas:)
    Back when I was in nursing school I knit a Fair Isle sweater for my husband which he never wore!! Then a few years ago I discovered alpacas and when I knit him a vest he wore it often. I think part of the reason is the wonderful natural fibers that we have available to us now.
    Congratulations on your beautiful handiwork and thanks for sharing and inspiring others to keep at it!

  • NancyElizabeth

    Thank you Kerstin, somehow I think he’s more likely to buy me the proverbial 3 bags full! OK, I admit I just bought them for myself. I’ve just picked up a feed bag full of lovely New Zealand Pollwarth and Merino Fleeces at the post office. OH MY!

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