Custom Handspun 100% Camel Down yarn


“Design your Own” Custom Hand spun Luxury Yarn
100% Camel Down handspun to your exact specifications.

  • 1 ounce of 2 ply yarn
  • beautiful natural camel colour
  • your choice of 4 yarn weights
  • Price and yardage increase with finer yarns

I would love to know what you have planned for the yarn so that I can be sure to spin it just right for your project. Use the comments box to send a message or let me know if you need a specific yardage when you checkout.

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Handspun 100% Camel Down Yarn

Custom Hand spun Luxury Yarn 100% Camel Down handspun to your exact specifications. I will work with you to insure that your new yarn will be just right for your planned project.
I have made up this chart of Guidelines and Standards for common yarn weights to help you choose your weight and yardage.

The Camel Down Yarn Hand Spun

Here is another very special luxurious and exotic fiber handspun yarn. It is a pure fine Baby Camel down. It can be spun very fine for lace or even thick enough for your light worsted projects. Should you need a thicker yarn I would recommend holding 2 strands of a finer spun yarn together to make up the thickness you need. This will help keep the integrity of the tiny fibers intact.

The downy undercoat of the baby camel is harvested and de-haired, washed and carded before it is ready for handspinning by a woolen method into a fine yarn.

This yarn is carefully and lovingly handspun in my home studio on my Louet S45, exactly as you would like it, custom made for each new order. Therefore you may order as many skeins as you need for your project.

Suggested Uses

May not be suitable for wearing next to the skin for everyone but this one is really quite soft for camel. This yarn is slightly fuzzy and would make a wonderful shawl or blanket, hat or mitts, leg warmers or a poncho among so many other uses.


The camel fiber in this yarn is from the downy undercoat of the camel gathered when camels molt. Camel’s hair supplies warmth without added weight. The hair contains properties which can protect and insulate the camel from the extreme cold conditions as well as keeping them cool in the desert. The same properties and characteristics are available to us when we use the fibers in our knitting. … More about the Camel Down


Please use a gently wool wash such as “Soak”. The yarn or garment made from this yarn may be hand washed in lukewarm to cold water. Gently squeeze out excess moisture, roll in a towel to release more moisture and lay flat to dry away from direct heat and sun.[space]


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