Custom Handspun Angora & Merino Lambswool Yarn


“Design your Own” Custom Hand spun Luxury Yarn

50% Angora 50% Merino Lambswool handspun and hand dyed to your exact specifications

  • 1 ounce of 2 ply yarn
  • your choice of natural white or one of 28 hand dyed colours
  • your choice of 5 yarn weights
  • Price and yardage increase with finer yarns

I would love to know what you have planned for the yarn so that I can be sure to spin it just right for your project. Use the “notes” box when you checkout to send me a message or let me know if you need a specific yardage.


Handspun Angora and Merino Lambswool Yarn

Custom Hand Spun Luxury Yarn 50% Angora from Angora Rabbit and 50% Wool from Merino Lamb for extra softness. This special yarn is handspun to your exact specifications. I will work with you to insure that your new Angora/Merino yarn will be just right for your planned project.

I have made up this chart of Guidelines and Standards for common yarn weights to help you choose your weight and yardage.

Another Luxury yarn

This yarn is a 50/50 blend of Angora Rabbit Fiber and so soft wool of the Merino Lamb. It is handspun from a very soft well combed top.
I have developed a technique for hand spinning this top that will incorporate more air and bounce giving a loftier and more fluffy  (semi woolen) yarn than a simple worsted preparation. At the same time this method will help to retain some of the best qualities of a worsted yarn such as strength and longevity and resistance to shedding. I especially love the method for any of my yarns that contain Angora.

This yarn is lovingly handspun in my home studio on my Louet S45. It is then dyed in the skeins right here in my kitchen.

Suggested Uses

Suitable for wearing next to the skin and perfect for knitting for baby. It would be lovely spun in a lace weight for a scarf or a lightweight shawl, in Sport, DK or Worsted weight for sweaters, hats and mitts, gloves, scarves, neck warmers, blankets or shawls.


Angora’s main distinguishing feature is its fluffy surface texture and its ultra soft touch but did you know that it is also one of the warmest natural fibers?  So very soft… More about Angora Rabbit Fiber


A natural protein fiber, Wool is probably the most popular choice of fibers when warmth, weather proofing and durability are desired. Wool is warm and cosy in winter and if certain finer breeds are chosen it can be comfortably cool is spring and even summer.
Wool is warm, even when wet, absorbs moisture and takes dyes very well although it also comes in many different natural colours. Wool which has been carefully washed will still contain some of the natural lanolin. Lanolin is very good for our skin and adds a degree of weather proofing to our hand knits…… more about Wool


Please use a gently wool wash such as “Soak”. The yarn or garment made from this yarn may be hand washed in lukewarm to cold water. Gently squeeze out excess moisture, roll in a towel to release more moisture and lay flat to dry away from direct heat and sun.[space]


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