Vintage Style Handknit Cashmere Baby Dress


Pure Cashmere Vintage look handknit baby dress from handspun luxury cashmere yarn.

Christmas Gift Ideas – Special Price: was $325.00 – now $252.00 (cost of the yarn only)

SIZE  fits baby from about 6-18 months
to fit a baby with actual chest measurement of about 18 inches. It is 15 inches in length.
The dress weighs 9.5 ounces.

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Christmas Gift Ideas – Special Price: was $325.00 – now $252.00 (cost of the yarn only)

This layette will be on special for Christmas. It is a one-of-a-kind original which is completely handmade.  The Cashmere fiber was handspun and handknit by me, right here in my home studio.

Pure cashmere, especially handspun, is the ultimate luxury for anyone, especially a new baby and here is your chance to purchase it at a more affordable price. Makes a perfect baby gift for something to keep as an heirloom and pass down through the generations.

This little dress was inspired by a vintage Beehive for Baby knitting booklet that I used to use when knitting for my own babies many years ago. I decided to take the plunge and knit it all in pure hand spun cashmere for the most luxurious dress possible.
The simple lines and classic styling make it an heirloom classic. It is intended to be passed on to the next generation without ever going out of style. With proper care it will last for a long time.

The pattern is a simple stocking stitch with tiny textured flowers all over and a garter stitch yoke.
The buttons are handmade from polymer clay.


100% Pure Cashmere

The cashmere used in this set grew as the down undercoat of a cashmere goat that lives in Mongolia where the very finest quality cashmere in the world is grown.


The dress is handknit from yarn that I have spun by hand just for this project.
First I have to card the fibers to fluff them up and get out any tangles. This also lines up the fibers to make them easier to spin.
Once the fiber is carded to my satisfaction i take it in to my spinning wheel and listen to an audio book while I spin it up. Once I have 2 bobbins full I go back and “ply” them together. Most of my handspun yarns have 2 plies… More


As with everything I knit this design is lovingly and expertly hand knitted in the traditional fashion with great attention to detail. The lines are Simple, Classic and Timeless.

Any baby will appreciate the luxurious warmth and softness, any mother will love the simple, classic lines and exceptional warmth of this layette. A very special heirloom gift for any baby. You will like it even better when you get it into your own hands.

Whenever you order from Nancy Elizabeth Designs your order will come with full care instructions. We’ll also include a sample of “Soak” my favourite no-rinse wool wash.

If you have any questions at all please let me know.



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