Knitting Socks is an Art

It is not only the knitting expertise that is required to turn a neat heal and graft a perfect toe but the artist must know their yarns and how they will behave and stand up under the extreme treatment that a sock will receive.

A sock must be, not only beautiful, but also functional and most of all, comfortable. If our socks are keeping our feet warm the chances are that the rest of our bodies will feel warmer too. That principle also applies to the feeling of being pampered. Pamper your feet and you will feel pampered all over.

Natural Fibers for Socks

The best fiber for a long wearing sock is nylon or polyamide but, of course, it is not the most comfortable because of the lack of ability to breathe. However, a small amount of nylon added to wool will make your socks last much longer. My favorite, and the most popular, sock yarn content is about 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon.
However… There are some natural fibers that will come pretty close to nylon in their ability to lengthen the life expectancy of a sock. Silk is just one of the natural fiber that we use to increase the strength of the yarns that go into our hand knit socks and still let us keep them All Natural.
Pure wool, from a carefully chosen fleece, correctly spun by machine or by hand with a good high twist will produce a yarn that will allow us to knit you a pair of socks that will last a remarkable length of time under normal wearing conditions.
Pamper your Feet and Your Whole Body too

If you just want to treat your feet knowing that this pair of sock may not last quite as long then Do yourself a favour and try a pair of handknit 100% pure cashmere socks. your whole body will thank you.
Handknit Cashmere socks make a fabulous and unique gift.

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