Dear Nancy, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL YARN I HAVE EVER SEEN ARRIVED ON MY DOORSTEP TODAY!!!!!!!!  It is exquisite! I can tell already a big difference in terms if your spinning it with this project in mind!

Of course I had to immediately get my needles out to test it out and see what it felt like etc. again, WOW!!! It’s lovely in terms of how it feels on my Addi Turbo needles (BTW, if you feel I’d be better off using wood or Addi Lace or something for this wool etc, please advise?)
Anyway, I think I told u I am a pretty loose knitter despite what I try to do to change. So I usually go down 2 needles sizes from the stated size and I can sometimes be 3 sizes below! Anyway, the Ranger calls for US8….so I started with US6 and could see very quickly that it will be perfect gauge!

My husband loves it! And in knitting for gauge they say to use the texture pattern, which I did and it is so beautiful in this yarn! It is lovely with bounce!! Yummy! My husband is anxious for me to get started! Big Hugs in Thanks! Nancy

PS….I may have to get some you to spin others… special! N

A Few Days Later

I can now add to what I wrote earlier in the week….I started working on the cuff and actually have finished the 2.5 inches of ribbing (as I told you the pattern begins with the sleeve cuff!)….that’s where I got so discouraged with the Shelter yarn as I could not get the yarn pulled tight enough so that the stitches came together and didn’t look like a cuff for an elephant….if you get what I mean? ANYWAY, guess what? I finished the ribbing….it pulled in so nice and tight (AND NOTHING BROKE!! THE YARN IS STRONG!) and it looks and feels beautiful.

Nancy in Santa Barbara CA

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